Mark built one of the largest beach recreation businesses in the world. He lost over 2 million dollars but received his salvation during this season of great trial. Hear Mark’s story and his challenge to all of us to trust God with our finances. […]

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Last Sunday afternoon a group of SOS students met with fellow believers from Oelwein to do Street Ministry. We split up into groups of three and four to go out and pray and give away food for those who needed it. I teamed up with 3 Jr. /Sr. High students, Emma, Maddie, and Jamie who […]

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I was on the ministry team last weekend during the 11 o’clock service. After the message was done, I was standing up in the front waiting for people to come and receive prayer. All of a sudden, I see three wonderful ladies walking my way, and I noticed one of the ladies was limping. They […]

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The Power of Serving!

I’m not a big fan of performance-based Christianity. We don’t do in order to measure up. We do because we measure up! We are accepted by Him! God can’t love you any more than He already does and that will never change! You are His peculiar treasure, and His thoughts toward you are precious and […]

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The battle is won!

As most of you know, we, (your Pastors and Pastoral Care Team) pray for those of you that have requests every Monday morning. Our intern compiles all the requests that were submitted through connect cards after our time together, so we can see at a glance all that we prayed over. As I looked at […]

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Hello my name is Heidi and I have been going to HVC since July 2013. My daughter and I have been baptized since then.  Let me start at the beginning. I am 37 years old and before coming to HVC it had been years since I had been to church, I think I was a […]

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Secular Music

Below is an email response I recently sent to someone who was concerned about our playing Johnny Cash (and other “secular” music) during our greeting song. I hope you find my response gracious, but I’m sharing it with all of you because I hope you find it helpful… Hello My name is Amos Groenendyk, I’m one […]

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