I was on the ministry team last weekend during the 11 o’clock service. After the message was done, I was standing up in the front waiting for people to come and receive prayer. All of a sudden, I see three wonderful ladies walking my way, and I noticed one of the ladies was limping.

They came up to me and two of the ladies asked if we could pray for their friend. I eagerly said yes, so we laid our hands on her, and awaited to see what the Holy Spirit would do. The lady that we were praying for had been healed close to a month ago, but it got really bad again in the past week. We prayed for about 30 seconds, and then asked her if she felt any different, she said it was feeling a lot better, but we knew that God wanted to do more for her.  So we prayed again, and after the second time, we asked again how it felt. She told us that the pain before we started praying on a scale to 10, was at an 8-9, and now the pain was at a 1-2. We immediately praised God and prayed again for the lady that she would have no pain, and that she may be freed of this in Jesus’ name. She was very grateful, and happy as could be.

The other two ladies were filled with so much love, you could just see it in their eyes. I could feel it in they knew that Jesus was going to do something, and he absolutely did. Their faith was great and when they prayed there was no doubt that the Lord has blessed them abundantly.

It’s such an honor to assist the king of kings, and watch him love his children the way he loved that lady. The power of prayer is limitless, it allows us to experience God’s resurrection power, and his deep abundant love. Prayer truly will change our lives.