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What should I expect on Sunday mornings?

You can find us here.

Our building is located at 3211 Titan Trail, in Waterloo….or you can join us online.

We are currently gathering on Sunday mornings at 10:00.

We’re a welcoming bunch that come from all different backgrounds. You don’t have to look a certain way or act a certain way. You don’t have to have it all together (none of us do). You’ll be welcomed just as you are. Our hope is that you will feel loved, encouraged, and that you experience a touch from the Living God who loves you.

Check-in your kids.

We welcome you to check your kids into our VC Kids area. If it’s your first time, someone at the counter will help you. We take down some of your basic information and will print off some labels with ID numbers in order to keep your kids safe. When it’s time to leave we always double-check that kids are leaving with the right people! We also use the numbers to page you if your child needs you (your number will show up on the screens). Your kids will have a great time spent in worship, praying for each other, learning about Jesus, working on crafts, and playing together.

What's a Sunday gathering like?

Our Sunday gatherings are centered around 3 core things:

We'd love to see you.

View more details on our service times below.