Our Purpose

Our Purpose

To lead people into intimacy with Jesus.

Our Mission

Partnering with the Holy Spirit to reveal people’s true identity and release them into a Kingdom lifestyle.

Heartland Vineyard is a community of believers who are committed to bringing the hope and love of Jesus to a lost, hurt, and broken world.

Everything we do comes from a foundation of intimacy with Jesus. An authentic relationship with Jesus and each other is always our highest priority.

We are a people who pursue a supernatural life not a supernatural day. We want to take the light of Jesus out of the four walls of our gathering place and use it to pierce the darkness.

We are a people who come together to serve each other and our community. We are not here to be served or entertained.

We are a grace-focused church. The motivation for everything we do is simply a response to God’s amazing love for us and not an attempt to score points on an eternal score card.

Heartland Vineyard is a church that loves people exactly where they are in their story. Our job is not to judge a person’s past, but to help them realize the incredible destiny and calling God has on their life.

Everything we do is through the lens of the living Word of God. We believe that the same power found in the New Testament is still alive and working today. We want to live lives partnered with the Holy Spirit to see those things happen today.

Our Core Values

  • BELONG. HVC is a place where people experience belonging.
  • HEAL. HVC is a place where people experience hope & healing.
  • GROW. HVC is a place where people grow in their true identity.
  • GO. HVC is a place where people experience their purpose as they are released into Kingdom lifestyle.

Our Priorities

  • INTIMACY. Everything flows out of a place of intimacy with Jesus. We cannot give what we have not received. (John 5:19)
  • GRACE-FILLED. Our lives are not based on the things we do but the work He has done. His grace allows us to boldly approach the throne as sons and daughters of the King. (Romans 5:17)
  • RELATIONALLY-DRIVEN. Loving ‘care’frontational community. Authentic relationships with each other are high priority. (Acts 2:46-47)
  • SPIRIT-LED. Always listening for the Holy Spirit and making ourselves available to him. (John 15:5)
  • MISSIONALLY-MINDED. A compassion driven people compelled to love a broken world. (Matthew 28:16-20)
  • BIBLICALLY-ROOTED. Grace filled obedience to the Word of God. (2 Timothy 3:16)
  • SERVANT-HEARTED. Focused on how we can pour into each other and our community. (Mark 10:45)
The team getting ready to pass out groceries in the neighborhood surrounding Irving Elementary school in Waterloo.

Our Vision

WE SEE A CHURCH that cares passionately for the least, the last and the lost, the oppressed, the abandoned, the addicted, the helpless, and those in spiritual, relational, emotional and physical need.

WE SEE A CHURCH turned inside out; a church that gathers to celebrate the victories of the past week and then goes back out into the world to draw the brokenness of the world into the love of God’s great Kingdom.

WE SEE A CHURCH of small groups, not just a church with small groups. We believe the church is where true Biblical community can be found and should be the best place to build honest and encouraging relationships. It is our desire to see all of our groups be Grace-Filled, Relationally-Driven, Biblically-Rooted, Missionally-Minded and Spirit-Led.

WE SEE A CHURCH that multiplies! We are a part of a church planting movement and sensing a fresh calling from Holy Spirit for us to partner with Him in pursuing not just the Cedar Valley but all of Northeast Iowa and beyond. We believe God has laid on our hearts that 30 new churches are to be planted out of this vision in communities like Oelwein, Tama/Toledo, Parkersburg, Charles City and Eldora/Grundy Center to name a few.

We believe God wants us to plant 30 churches across Northeast Iowa.

WE SEE A CHURCH that cares deeply for children and where children are brought into discipleship through our programming in the church, but more importantly, that the parents of these children become powerful disciple makers in their homes and that moms and dads step into their rightful place as the spiritual leaders of their children.

WE SEE A CHURCH which embraces young people and opens up their hearts and gives opportunities to young men and women to dream, test their wings and climb high as we hold their ladders. We see the older teaching the younger through mentoring relationships and we see many young leaders sent out into our world to make a difference for the King we love.

WE SEE A CHURCH that places a high value on and enters into the practice of all the Spiritual gifts of the Bible. We see a “naturally supernatural church” that is unashamed and unafraid to exercise these gifts with a heart to lift, heal and encourage people around them.

WE SEE A CHURCH with an effective school of discipleship, teaching men and women, boys and girls to step into their rightful place as children of God and living lives that reflect the beauty, love and power of Jesus Christ.

WE SEE A CHURCH that is driven by God’s vision for unity to be bold and innovative in partnering across denominations with other churches, ministries and organizations. We believe that together we can share the good news of Jesus Christ with a hurting world regardless of social status, ethnicity or faith background.

He loves you, He loves you, He loves you!

Did we mention that Jesus loves you? Nothing this world has to offer will satisfy you. If you're looking for hope, belonging, and purpose in life—you'll find it in Jesus. We're so grateful you stopped by. If you have a question or need prayer, please reach out.

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