Small Groups


We believe that small groups are where true discipleship happens. We believe that grace-filled, relationally-driven, biblically-rooted, missionally minded, and spirit-led small groups is where we can truly disciple and be disciple. We don’t want to just be a church with small groups, we want to be a church of small groups.

You can join a small group at any time. However, we do try to focus on adding new groups and people during our trimester campaigns. Our trimester system creates natural places for people to jump in and jump out of groups.

Our trimesters run like this… Fall Trimester (October-November) , Winter/Spring Trimester (February-March) and Spring/Summer (May-June)

Most, but not all, small groups meet sporadically over the summer. They may have events like a BBQ when schedules get busy in the summer.

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Life is meant to be lived in community

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