Written by Mark Jolcover, HVC Ministry Intern

Last August I traveled to Detroit, Michigan. I went to visit one of my friends that I had met at UNI who had recently returned from a missions trip in Brazil. Prior to the trip to Michigan, he was telling about a ministry he was connecting with every other Monday. After each meeting, he would FaceTime me and tell me about  testimonies of the Lord’s powerful work at these Revival meetings. He told me stories about some of the people there, and their personal history with God.

One story was about a girl who heard the audible voice of God… “I have fulfilled your dreams for your life, now its my turn to fulfill my dreams for your life.” After hearing the call of God on her life, she left her career and as a 28 year old single women, pursued her call into prophetic ministry. Her calling has taken her to launch ministry in Houston, Nashville and Detroit, and even trips to Thailand and Mexico, fighting darkness with the light and power of Jesus, and prophesying over presidents, celebrities and leaders for the Glory of God.

This women’s name is Annie Byrne and she has powerfully spoken into my life. She is leading a movement of God in Detroit that is bringing the Glory of God to the deepest corners of the earth! Annie is a former Global Supernatural School of Ministry Student, and was the first women intern to travel with and study under Randy Clark, who leads Global Awakening Ministries. Randy Clark is an anointed man of God who was used in the Toronto Blessing at the Vineyard Church back in the 90’s.

Another story I heard was about a girl who was in a horrific ATV accident when she was 14 years old. She was riding on an ATV at 55mph and ran into a tree. The details were gory and horrible. She suffered many extreme injuries and had a complete facial reconstruction surgery. There were many doctors who didn’t think she would survive.

After 3 months of being in a coma, Jesus walked into her hospital room and sat next to her. After feeling him and seeing him, she immediately woke up! She suffered from traumatic memory loss and brain damage. She wasn’t able to remember anything that had happened from the time she was born up until her accident. She had to re-learn almost all her basic cognitive skills.

When she was 21 years old, someone gave a word at a church about an ATV and tree. Connecting with the word, she went up for prayer. A women prayed over her that God was going deep into her memory and restoring things that were lost. Over the next three months, God began to completely restore and renew her memory. All that was lost was completely restored!

I’ve heard story after story of powerful prophetic words, destinies being fulfilled, and the glory and presence of God coming upon people in the living room of a home, through normal people that love him and and hungry for more of his presence.

I love to go where God is moving so I got in a car and drove 10 hours to Detroit soon after hearing these great stories. Since the first trip to Detroit, I have been back two other times, each time serving and learning under Momentum Ministries and Revival Co. Worship Nights. I have been deeply touched by them and by Jesus each time. I remember sitting in the living room of the worship nights saying, “God I want this for my church, I want this to come to Iowa.”

I didn’t think God was going to move so fast on my words, but when I came back from my 3rd trip to Detroit, I began to share with our pastors and people in our church about all that was happening in Detroit. God immediately began to breathe on our discussions and plans began being made to bring this team to Iowa.

Our church is in a transition season. Many of you obviously know that we are moving to a new building this coming summer (June 25th to be exact). Our leaders have continued to talk about the exciting new season we are being launched in to.

God is fulfilling what I began asking for back in January and what God has laid on the hearts of our pastors! On Sunday, April 30th,  Momentum Ministries and Revival Co. Worship Nights will be coming to Iowa to help send us off into our new building. Annie will be speaking at our Sunday morning gathering and worship leaders, James and Val Nichols, will be leading us in worship. That night we will gather again to celebrate and worship Jesus, have powerful ministry time and flat out pursue God. I believe this is going to be a springboard and breakthrough event for the Cedar Valley that you won’t want to miss!

Sunday morning we will meet at our normal time at 10AM. On Sunday night, we will meet at 6PM at our new church location3211 Titan Trail, Waterloo! We hope to see you all there!