Something happened recently that made me very proud to say I am part of HVC. Our daughter was baptized last month. After her baptism, she went to school and told her class all about it.  During recess, a classmate asked her why she got baptized. Our daughter explained why she got baptized and answered her questions the best that she could.  It doesn’t stop there…

She prayed for her friend right there on the playground during recess.  She prayed that God would help her make the decision of whether to be baptized and follow Jesus.

That night, our daughter’s friend told her parents that she wanted to be baptized. They talked to her about it. After they were satisfied with her understanding, they agreed that she should be baptized.

On March 1, we attended a different church at our daughter’s insistence.  She wanted to be there to support her friend as she was baptized.

I know for a fact that our daughter’s faith and her progress in her spiritual growth is a direct result of all the volunteers serving in KidZone and the Garage.  I can guarantee you that without HVC, her faith, understanding and progress in her walk with Jesus would be severely stunted. Thank you to all who have served in KidZone and the Garage. You make a bigger difference than you realize.