I received this email from one of our members this week:

“A while back you mentioned at the end of service that if we saw in our mind a person, God wanted us to pray for them. We waited for a moment and God showed me a person, a coworker who popped into my head. I smiled and have been praying for her and thinking of ways to approach her ever since. She is a self-described atheist. The opportunity came to me this weekend when she sent me a text. She needed support and assumed that since I attend church I am a praying person. She was asking if I would pray for her. I said yes and told her I had been praying for her for a while. We met tonight and I am taking it slow. I let her know that God loves and cares for her and that I am here for her.

I appreciated the message this Sunday and the timeliness of it as you talked about “God wants you on the floor.” This is becoming a real part of my life. The timing of this is neat to see and I thank you for your part in it.”

It is thrilling to me that our Father doesn’t call us to a moral life as much as He calls us to a miraculous life. And a part of that miraculous life is living under the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

John Wimber, the founder of the Vineyard Church Movement used to say, “God wants us to live naturally supernatural lives.” As we are led by God’s Spirit to pray for people, love people and affirm the fact that God loves them, supernatural things happen. I am anxious to hear the rest of this story.

I believe that the key to living a naturally supernatural life is to stay restfully available to the Holy Spirit’s promptings, obey his leadership and watch the blessing of God fall.

Living a naturally supernatural life is not rocket science. I’m thankful that is all it takes is an open and willing heart to be used to establish God’s will and purpose in another person’s life. That’s why we teach our members to lay hands on people who are sick and struggling, pray prayers of faith for others, all the while listening to the still soft and small voice of the Holy Spirit.

As you stand in the grocery lines, wait outside schools for your children, attend sporting events, walk along the sidewalks and bike trails, do business with people; listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit. Stay in that place of restful availability. Watch your Father in Heaven use your life to establish His Kingdom wherever you go.

As I said last Sunday, “God wants you on the floor!”

P.S. If you missed last Sunday, go to our website at heartlandvineyard.org and in the upper right hand corner, click on the YouTube icon and watch the message of 5-18-14.