Congratulations on your engagement! We are excited about what God has in store for you as you exchange vows and commit to this life of unity, and we are happy that you have considered Heartland Vineyard Church as the location for this very important day in your lives.

We want this day to feel like the happiest day of your life, and we are honored to be a part of it.

Below are our prices and policies for holding a wedding ceremony at Heartland Vineyard Church, as well as prices for off-site weddings. These are intended to help guide you through the processes/details to have an organized, stress-free ceremony.

How to get started

Once you have decided on a date and location for your wedding, fill out our registration form and pay your reservation payment online.

The reservation is not considered official until we receive both your payment and your information form.

Planning Timeline

The first thing we will do is line up premarital counseling to happen in the 6 months leading up to your wedding. The rest of our team puts your wedding date on their calendars to contact you 90 days before your wedding to get final details put together. At that time, you can expect our Ceremony Coordinator and our Worship Director to contact you. Our Business Manager will also send you a final invoice. You can expect to meet with your officiating pastor about 60 days in advance.

Your final payment is due 60 days before your ceremony.


Building/Reservation Fee:$300
Sound Technician:$200
Ceremony Coordinator:$250$250 (optional)
Officiating Pastor:$200$200
Pre-Marital Counseling:$70$70
Total Cost:$1,020.00$270 – $520

*Note: For on-site weddings, your $300 reservation fee is considered a down payment, and will be used to cover building utilities and janitorial expenses. For off-site weddings all costs are due up-front.

Off-Site weddings

To reserve a pastor for your off-site wedding, please complete our online form and pay the honorarium for us to give to the officiating pastor. The cost for a pastor to officiate an offsite wedding is $200 plus travel expenses. Please consider the amount of time and preparation your pastor will invest in planning a message, traveling to, and officiating your wedding in your decision. Our hope is that our pastors will not only do a fine job of making your wedding a wonderful experience, but they will also leave with gratitude in their heart for your generosity and care.

Your Pastor

About 90 days before your wedding, a pastor will be assigned to officiate your wedding. They will then arrange a time to meet with you to get to know you and your fiancé, and to discuss the outline of the ceremony. They will also attend your rehearsal.

Pre-Marital Counseling/Coaching

Our prayer for you is not only to have a beautiful wedding, but also to have a successful marriage afterwards. Pre-Marital counseling or HVC Pre-Marital Coaching provides you as a couple with a framework for investing the time, energy, thought and prayer that a commitment of this magnitude calls for. We require that HVC Pre-Marital Coaching is completed before your wedding if one of our pastors is officiating.

Please fill out our Pre-Marital Coaching Application online to be scheduled for our counseling program.

Your Ceremony Coordinator

Heartland Vineyard provides a ceremony coordinator to serve as a point of contact for all of your wedding questions. They are here to make sure your rehearsal and ceremony are organized, and that you can relax and enjoy your day. They will contact you about 90 days in advance to go over the details of your ceremony and to answer any questions you may have. The ceremony coordinator will be present at your rehearsal and ceremony.

Your Sound Tech

Your sound tech will set up microphones and lighting, and will run the music you choose for your ceremony. 90 days prior to your wedding, you will receive a form from our Worship Director that explains our formatting requirements for music, and allows you to list your media needs.


Your wedding party will have access to the church 3 hours before your rehearsal. If additional time is needed, you should discuss this with your ceremony coordinator.

When planning your decorations, please consider:

  • The church does not have wedding decorations, a table on the stage, or table cloths available.
  • No tacks, pins, glue, nails, or tape of any kind may be used to pin to walls or chairs.
  • Only dripless candles may be used. A unity candle is allowed, provided a drip cloth or
    protective covering is beneath it.
  • Decorations cannot be hung from fixtures on ceiling.


In order to make sure everyone is prepared and knows what to do for your ceremony, a rehearsal is suggested. Everyone involved in the ceremony should attend. This is where all the kinks will be worked out and all of the final details will come together.

Due to time constraints and space for weekend services, we are unable to accommodate rehearsal dinners or receptions of any size without exception.

Wedding Ceremony Details

It’s your big day!

You should bring your marriage license to your pastor the day of your wedding.

Two changing rooms will be available for your bridal party the day of your wedding. No personal items besides decorations should be stored at our facility overnight.

You will have access to our facility 3 hours before your ceremony, and for an hour after your ceremony ends. Please arrange for someone to remove all decorations, gifts, and personal items from the church immediately following the ceremony so that our housekeeping staff can ready the building for our Sunday services.

Timeline Recap

6-12 months in advance: Fill out the wedding information form online and pay reservation fee. (Or, for off-site weddings, pre-payment of pastor honorarium at time of reservation of pastor.)

3-6 months in advance: You should plan to be matched with couple to take you through our pre-marital counseling.

90 days in advance: Our Ceremony Coordinator, Worship Director, and the Pastor officiating your wedding will contact you.

60 days in advance: Final payment and Sound Tech Form are due.

3 hours before rehearsal: Decorating, leading up to rehearsal.

3 hours before ceremony: Church will be open for you to go in to dressing rooms, take pictures, and eat.

1 hour after ceremony ends: All belongings and decorations must be removed so our housekeeping staff can prepare the building for services Sunday.



Can we get married at Heartland Vineyard if we are not members?
We welcome weddings for both members and non-members of Heartland Vineyard.

If I am a member, are the fees different?
We define membership as someone who serves and attends regularly, and who financially supports the mission of our church on a consistent basis. If you are a member of Heartland Vineyard, we do not charge our building rental and utilities fee, making the total charge for an on-site wedding $720.

Do we have to have a Heartland Vineyard pastor officiate?
Yes, having a wedding at Heartland Vineyard Church means you don’t just get the building. We believe as Christians we are created for community and formed for family. We prefer to have one of our pastors officiate so that we can truly connect with you as a couple.

What if we already live together?
Because you desire a Christian wedding, as your pastors, we want to help you honor God’s Word. This defines a Christian marriage. Our desire for you is that you experience the very best for the future of your marriage. In a day where a majority of marriages end in divorce, it is our deepest desire to have your marriage be not only enjoyable, but lasting and fulfilling.

Living together before marriage is becoming more common in our culture today. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best course to take. In fact, the Bible is clear that there is an order God wants His children to follow. Becoming best friends is the first step. Going through an engagement process where you learn about the commitments necessary to sustain a healthy marriage is next. This followed by your wedding where the marriage relationship is then consummated. This is God’s order. Even secular studies concerning marriage reveal that this order, when followed, gives the couple the very best chance of a successful and fulfilling marriage.

Therefore, if your wedding is conducted in our facility, if you are living together we will ask the following: That you cease having sexual relations and move into separate bedrooms until you have entered into the commitment of marriage. If you have no children, the best choice would be to live in separate dwellings to avoid the temptation. We will ask you to make this commitment not only to us but to God. By honoring God’s heart toward marriage, we believe this gives you greater capacity and opportunity to enjoy God’s richest blessing for the future of your marriage. Choosing God’s way over man’s way and reasoning sets up a framework for putting God first in your relationship and He will be the protector and provider for you and your future family.

When can we decorate?
As a general rule, you will have access to the building 3 hours before your rehearsal, and 3 hours before your ceremony. Since the church is reserved most of the time, please discuss this with your ceremony coordinator if it is an issue. Last-minute, unplanned events sometimes need to be scheduled, so we need to be able to avoid working around decorations.

Can we request the church’s worship band musicians to play/sing at our ceremony?
Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate a full band. If you are in need of a musician, we can get you in touch with our Worship Director, who can provide contact information for several musicians. Prices can be negotiated with the musicians personally.

Can we hold our rehearsal dinner or reception at the church?
Due to the busy event schedule in the cafe, and also the need to set up before Sunday, we are unable to serve as a location for rehearsal dinners or receptions of any size, with no exceptions.

Does Heartland Vineyard provide a videographer or someone to run a video camera?
No. We are unable to provide video recording services. However, video is allowed, so you are welcome to hire a videographer or ask a friend or family member to do this for you.

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