Chicago Mission Trip Information Meeting
Want to stretch your faith and be a part of extending God’s Kingdom in Chicago June 8-11?

Last year Corey Peters took over 450 basketballs to Chicago and gave away basketballs and bibles to kids.

This year, we will spend two days in South Chicago and two days in North Chicago/Waukegan areas. The majority of the basketballs will be given out one heart at a time. We will also come alongside ministries that God has already activated in these areas. Last year we were able to support three ministries who are already doing a wonderful job loving kids in Jesus name.

We are also fortunate to have a major sporting goods manufacturer agree to sell us basketballs for their cost. So we are able to make the most out of every dollar raised. I plan on leaving June 8th and returning June 11th.

On May 3rd after both services Corey Peters will hold information meetings for those that would be interested in going on this trip.

Please note that this trip is for ages 18 and up. For those not 18 or older and who can’t come along I would love you to support us with your prayers. We desperately need and appreciate them.

Join Corey Peters in the Chapel Sunday May 3rd immediately after services for more information.