This Sunday will be a day to remember.  Annie Byrne and a team of prophetic leaders from Revival Co. and Momentum Ministries out of Detroit Michigan will join us Sunday morning in our regular 10:00 a.m. service.  Annie will be teaching and then leading our ministry time.  We are anticipating a beautiful time of Father touching His children.  As I have been praying, I am certain a number of people are going to receive healing from diseases that have clung to your bodies for years.  I also believe numbers of you will be personally struck by God’s love for you as prophetic words are spoken over individuals and our church corporately.

Last week, I taught on Unlocking God’s Glory.  I defined glory as God’s nature and attributes going public in outward expressions of love, kindness and healing.  I believe we will see the glory of our good God on display this Sunday.  I have been praying that the atmosphere will be such that it will attract the sweetness of the Holy Spirit coming on many of you in a fresh, new way.

Sunday evening, we are inviting our entire church family to join us in a special Sunday evening service.  This service will be held at our future home located at 3211 Titan Trail in Waterloo beginning at 6:30 p.m. We invite you to come a bit early (doors open at 6:00 p.m.) for those who would like to take a tour of the building before worship begins.

Annie and her team will be leading us into a rich worship experience.  Any time God’s people join together to be intimate with their Papa God, great things happen.  Not only will we worship but there will be prophetic ministry occurring during our time together.  It is only reasonable that as we sing sweet songs of love to Papa, He will respond to us through rich blessing.

Some people are a bit weirded out by the gift of prophecy.  This is truly sad since prophecy is to do nothing but to encourage, comfort and edify God’s beloved.   I want to personally encourage every one of you to join us Sunday evening.  There may very well be something of God’s loving nature reserved for you and your family.

There is a wonderful account in the Old Testament about a company of men of Israel who came together to rebuild the house of God that had been demolished by the Babylonians.  The work was so great that they became discouraged.  Then in Ezra 5:2, it says, “And the prophets of God were with them, supporting them.” 


These people needed to be encouraged in their work of restoration and so God answered their need by sending prophets.  The Heartland Vineyard Church has been charged with the mission of making Jesus famous in the Cedar Valley, planting churches and raising up fully devoted disciples.  The work is enormous and we all need to be encouraged.  That is why I say, “Don’t miss Sunday morning or Sunday evening.”


I love you HVC!