When I was newly married, still in grad school and paying rent with my waitressing job, I found out that I was pregnant. It wasn’t in the “plan” so it was quite the surprise and took some adjustment to realize I was going to be a mom.

I started reading to wrap my mind around this surprise and gathered as many books as I could. I also started to become very aware of what was happening in the world and fear started to grip my heart.

Many, many sleepless nights took place as I pondered what our child would have to face and how cruel this world could be. Out for dinner one night, I decided to share my fears with this sweet couple who were friends of ours. As I explained the anxiousness I felt as to what our child would face and how this world may get progressively worse, our friends replied: “Yes! This is exactly why we are not having children! It feels so selfish to bring children into the world right now.” (Hint — not helpful).

As you can imagine I experienced another sleepless night that night, and the night after. I just couldn’t shake it. This world could be so evil and we were bringing a child into it. Desiring some peace, I decided to talk to my pastor one day following service, hoping prayer, a hopeful smile or absolutely anything would alleviate what I was feeling.

My pastor listened as I listed my concerns and fears about raising a child in this present time and he then replied, “Carrie, I understand. But Carrie, you have to understand; your child will be a greater threat to the enemy that the enemy could ever be to your child. We can’t be afraid.” That was it. And yet, I have never, ever forgotten those words.

No matter what the enemy wants to throw at our children, no matter how corrupted this world may get, no matter what our kids may face… the power and presence that our children have through Jesus is greater than it all. What a great hope we have!

This is one of many reasons we place a high value on Children’s Ministry here at HVC. Our kids face a lot… and yet… there is help, hope and a future through Jesus. Our kids can not only survive in this world, they can absolutely thrive! We want the kids that walk into VC Kids to know that Jesus is an essential part of their every day, not just Sundays or Wednesdays.

So be encouraged parents, our kids have a hope and future! No matter what the enemy and this world wants to throw at our kids, the One who lives in them is greater than it all! Our kids are a bigger threat to the darkness that the darkness could ever be to them. Thank you Jesus!