Thirty years ago, our family was comfortably situated in a beautiful tourist community in the lower Rocky Mountains of New Mexico.  Just above the “bug line” at 7,300 ft. above sea level and maintaining 65 degree temperatures most of the time, Ruidoso, New Mexico was a lovely place to live. All three of our children were in elementary school and we were thoroughly enjoying our home in the pine tree covered mountains.

Then came a word from God.  “I’m now going to take you to a place where you speak their language.”  One year later, we left New Mexico to return to our home state of Iowa, renting a small home in Cedar Falls with a deep desire to plant a church. After two years, we had eight people meeting in our living room talking, praying, studying our Bibles and worshiping our God.  We had no land, no building, no money, no chairs except for those in our living room. The only thing we had was a vision in our hearts.

This vision is still firmly rooted inside of us and I’m confident that in fifty years, Heartland Vineyard Church will still be bringing the hope and love of Jesus to a lost, hurt, and broken world.

I’m also confident about these things…

I’m confident that HVC will be experiencing deep intimacy with Jesus and each other.

I’m confident that she will be her pursuing a supernatural life; taking the light of Jesus out of the four walls of the gathering place and using it to pierce the darkness.

I’m confident that HVC will be loving and serving each other and her community with deep humility; centered on and motivated by God’s amazing grace.

I’m confident that I will see Heartland Vineyard Church loving people exactly where they are in their story; not judging, but helping them realize the incredible destiny and calling God has on their life.

I’m confident that I will see Heartland Vineyard operating with power and authority as she is led by the voice of our dear Holy Spirit.

I’m confident in the future of Heartland Vineyard Church. We serve a mighty God and he has given us a vision worth sustaining!


I love you all,