I’d like to briefly address an important aspect of church life at HVC.  I want to discuss the teaching ministry, and in particular, teaching that happens on Sundays. Thirty years ago, as we set out to establish a church in the Cedar Valley, we loved the entire Bible and valued very specific theological truths. That set direction for the teaching that would be presented on Sundays and establish the “personality” of our church.

First, I believe the love of the Father toward all people is the most powerful force directed toward humanity.  There are those who might wonder why we spend so much time talking about the Father’s love and so little time teaching how we are to love our Heavenly Father. As a Christian for nearly a half century, I have discovered that as I am thoroughly convinced that God loves me, I have a greater capacity to love Him. And His love for me must be renewed in my mind on a moment by moment basis.

Second, I have been captivated by God’s amazing grace.  There is too much to discuss in this short blog but suffice it to say, we openly acknowledge that we are saved by grace but we often fail to realize that we are to live by grace.

Third, I am a charismatic Christian.  I believe in all the gifts of the Spirit and practice many if not most of them, including the gift of tongues.  I am not ashamed of the gifts, given largely by God to make us useful in aiding others who need an experience with God.

Fourth, I believe the Cross worked.  I believe that God has done everything necessary to forgive all mankind of sin.  The only thing that remains undone is that men and women acknowledge the work of the Cross, believe and receive this great gift and give God thanks for this indescribably gift.

Finally, I believe that we were placed here on this earth to first fellowship with God and then to expand His Kingdom rule where ever we find lost, broken and hurting people who need a Savior.

So at the age of nearly 67, do I pray that someone parachutes into our church who shares the same foundational truths as I do and who will teach 3 out of 4 Sundays as I once did for so many years? Or, do we continue to move down the path we are on of raising up a team of home-grown teachers who will work together to keep our vision and values fully intact?

Our Leadership team has chosen the latter knowing that our Father has not short-changed us in any way.

A powerful, spirit-filled team is emerging. These are the ones who will replace me.

God is good!

I love you all,