Story 1:

For those of us present, we thought God was leading us through Lawrence.

We gathered in the parking lot of New Hope Missionary Baptist Church and a few small groups joined our small group and set out to be Jesus’s emissaries in the local community. We felt led to head down a particular street and had instant success with the first house on that block. However, as we continued down the block, no one else came to the door. Just as we were trying to decide which way to go, Lawrence walked up.

I’ll admit, my first thought was that he was looking for free groceries. That wasn’t the case; he wanted to direct us toward a family that he thought really needed help. Lawrence’s directions weren’t the greatest, so he told us he’d walk us that way – and it was a few blocks by the time we got there. Once we got to that block however, Lawrence gave us some specific houses to try and the reasons why.

What was touching to all of us is that we came to families that could use help, but in each case, they wanted the groceries to go to someone that really needed it.  Trust us, each and every family that received Thanksgiving groceries really needed them. As for Lawrence, he just wanted to see his neighbors in need get assistance.

I joked afterwards that Lawrence was like the angel that was trying to get his wings in, It’s A Wonderful Life.


Story 2:

The group I was in knocked on a door to find a family – Mom & two children. Her son, who is in high school has a heart defect and is waiting for surgery. They were grateful for the turkey and allowed us to pray for them, including for healing – acknowledging that Jesus is the great physician! What a privilege!

Another house, a young man opened the door and couldn’t believe we wanted to give him a turkey – asking, “This is free?” He accepted it with a big smile lighting his face and said he was talking to his Mom in Mexico, showing us the phone in his hand.

I was so blessed, not only to share the love of Jesus in our community, but also to get to know others who attend Heartland Vineyard Church, in a deeper way.