The cross and the resurrection bring us something better, a better way to relate to God (Hebrews 8:6). The fact is people in the time of the Old Testament did not have it near as good as we do. They simply didn’t enjoy everything that we can enjoy today. Sure, many of them worked overtime to commit to God and really impress him. Still, the Scriptures tell us that their spiritual experience just didn’t compare to what we have today (Hebrews 11:39-40). I find that shocking, and you should too!

Think about it. They went the extra mile. They were ostracized, ridiculed, beaten, tortured, and some even killed for their faith. Yet WE are the ones who get to enjoy the benefits of living on this side of the cross. That doesn’t seem fair! And I guess it’s not “fair” if you’re looking at this from a free grace perspective, it means that our experience of intimate relationship with God was bought for us and given to us for free. THAT’S HUMBLING. That’s difficult for us to swallow. Nevertheless, we’re invited to something better than your favorite Old Testament hero could ever imagine (Hebrews 8:6; 11:39-40).

Jesus said, “I am the way the truth and the life…” Jesus is the way.

  • The new way is about us being God’s children, even when we aren’t faithful to him.
  • The new way is about God’s desires being imprinted on our hearts and minds.
  • The new way is about us being given full access to God.
  • The new way is about our sins being completely forgiven and forgotten.

So we get to wake up every day and enjoy this thing that we didn’t initiate and that we don’t sustain. We get to fully enjoy something that we don’t deserve at all. We get to relax in it and simply thank God for it. That’s all we can do!

Take a rest. Know that God loves you with a never ending love. His mercy for you in new every morning and His faithfulness is great.