Earlier this spring, my wife Christie went to the first night of the Ed Tandy McGlasson conference. She asked me to join her for the following Saturday morning conference.   I was very hesitant to go because we had eight teen girls at a motel celebrating our daughter’s 14th birthday. Our 22 yr old daughter said she would stay with them if I wanted to go. I really didn’t want to go, but I went because it meant so much to my wife.

As Ed taught that day at the conference, I experienced for the first time in my life a real belief in God. That was the first time for me I had ever truly believed in God’s word.  I told my wife when we left that I felt like I had been punched in the stomach but yet it felt right.  I think this was God’s way of saying “wake up!”  All night all I could think about is what I had heard. This left me wanting to know more.

The next morning we went to church and listened to Ed again, I was a little overwhelmed with the feeling I was having.  Later that day, Ed had given his last teaching, I am so thankful I went that evening because this sermon has changed my life forever!

During ministry time at the end of the conference, Todd and Joani McNamara came over and offered to pray for us. I now had belief but I was still was hesitant to ask for help.  My wife had told them, “yes, we could use prayer” to help with our finances, but I knew in my heart that was not the problem. As they prayed, it was apparent that the Lord was speaking to Todd that it was something else. Todd explained to me that through the power of Jesus and prayer he had witnessed firsthand a man walk that hadn’t walked in 11 years. And I believed him.

I had injured my back a few years ago and had experienced back spasms for approximately 3 years.  This was occurring two to three times a week with disabling effects.  I had spoken with my doctor and from the arthritis from the back injury my next step was to go on disability. The pain was unbearable and the thought of not being able to work and provide for my family was crippling. The Holy Spirit came through Todd’s hands which were placed on my back as he prayed. It has always been hard for me to show true emotions but this had brought tears to my eyes because I could feel the change. It was really God healing me.

It has been three months now and I have not experienced one back spasm since that night.  Since then I have purchased my first bible finally at the age of 43. My wife and I have joined the Heartland Vineyard Church Street Ministry Team on Thursday evenings. We have also joined the First Impressions Welcoming Team. We enjoy serving Jesus together now. My family now attends church every Sunday. But still, I want to do more for Jesus because He has done so much for me.

The changes that Jesus has made in me and my family have been unbelievable.  Through the Lord’s compassion and love for me I am a changed man!