The foundation of all that we believe, say, and do is the Kingdom of God. Jesus proclaimed, explained and demonstrated the Kingdom of God throughout His life and ministry. The Kingdom of God can be defined simply as the rule and reign of God. The Kingdom of God becomes a reality when Jesus is the rightful King of every person. We believe we are called to life together in and under God’s Kingdom reign, extending His grace to neighbors near and far. All of our understanding of God, ourselves, our community, and mission flows from this foundation. The Kingdom of God defines and drives who we are and all that we do.

Therefore, Jesus ministry was to proclaim and demonstrate what it looks like when God is in charge. He healed the sick, he cast out demons, he fed the hungry all while proclaiming that this is the Kingdom of God. Jesus didn’t just talk about the Kingdom of God. He displayed what the Kingdom of God looked like. When leprous skin was made whole, dead people were raised to life, sick people were made well, sinful people were forgiven and demons were sent packing, Jesus would say, “The Kingdom of God has come!”

Jesus ministry was a show and tell affair. Jesus wasn’t just a talking head. He made evident what God’s Kingdom actually was; God in charge of the situation and Satan’s clenched fist broken and people set free.

I love the Vineyard because we don’t just talk, teach and debate about the works of Jesus. We believe we are on this earth to perpetuate and propagate the ministry of Jesus. Therefore, we don’t just study healing, deliverance and benevolence. We do something about it by actively placing our hands on broken, hurting people and crying out to the Holy Spirit to establish God’s Kingdom. We leave our homes and help people enter the Kingdom of God through the words we speak and the works we accomplish.

Since the beginning of this church’s existence in 1990, we have consistently given away 10% of all that has been received, giving this tithe of the tithes to local, national and international missions. I am happy to report that of the dollars we send away to help support other ministries, nearly 50% of those funds go to help people locally in the Cedar Valley. We are pleased to assist ministries in Mexico, Haiti, Palestine, the Philippines, China and Pakistan. We are also honored to assist ministries that are planting churches in this country. But the primary mission of Heartland Vineyard Church are the people living in a 50 mile radius from our church facility.

Every person who attends Heartland Vineyard Church is a called missionary. Your occupations will vary. But you are called to fulfill the Great Commission by going into your realm of influence and ushering in the Kingdom of God by proclaiming and demonstrating God’s love for all people.

I was having lunch with a friend and he was telling me about all the opportunities he was having in welcoming the Kingdom of God into the lives of people living and working around him. I said, “You are a minister of Jesus Christ, cleverly disguised as a John Deere engineer.” His paycheck comes from Deere and Company. His empowerment and heavenly reward comes from our King, Jesus.