You always hear people say that when you serve you come away feeling more blessed. After several years of serving in KidZone I can say that it’s no exception and a special privilege.

One of the ways that it has blessed us the most is in bringing our family and our church family closer together. If you’ve never taught with your spouse, son or daughter, or significant other, do it! ┬áIt’s amazing how God will speak to and through you both to bless others. Kristen and I have enjoyed many an occasion with the kids where our walks with God and the lesson have gone hand in hand to help the kids to understand complex things like grace and forgiveness. Praying with the children and showing them how to pray for one another is another special privilege we have had that is incredibly empowering. Your children are being equipped in KidZone to face the challenges of the world and to further God’s kingdom at the same time. Truth resonances in them. They just need to be fed it in place of all the junk that’s out there.

Worship in KidZone is a family favorite, especially with Katelyn since she has the opportunity to dance on stage and help the other kids with their dance moves to the music. Everyone in our family gets to play, including our most recent addition, Brandon. He has allowed us to open even more doors with the children because they love playing and interacting with him. Not to mention him loving all the attention he gets from the kids. Brandon reminds the children of their own innocence and the freedom in it.

Drawing nearer to Jesus and to each other, equipping, praying, and blessing. That’s what KidZone is all about. Your children are very special people with very special futures that God has hand written for them. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of it.

John, Kristen, Katelyn, and Brandon