Jesus gave us two commandments…to “Love God” and to “Love People.” He modeled what it meant to “Love People” by serving them. He healed, He cast out demons, He washed feet, He lifted people from the dead…and ultimately He died…all for us.

We have a serving ministry here at Heartland Vineyard Church…it’s called Hands & Feet… because we’re striving to be the hands and feet of Jesus…here at the Vineyard…in our Cedar Valley community…and sometimes even further.

Our challenge is to be “ALL IN” for Jesus…

Quoting Pastor Dan from a few weeks ago… “He Wants You on the Floor!

Hands & Feet have been blessed with many people who’ve served in many ways. Just to give you a feel for whom we’ve been serving:

  • N.E. Iowa Food Bank: HVC first Saturday of each month & gift wrap booth
  • Father’s House Vineyard Church in Cedar Rapids: painted building exterior
  • Vineyard Church in Des Moines: painted building interior
  • Alternatives Pregnancy Center: Responded to flooding of their building by patching drywall, installing nearly 1/4 mile of baseboard, and painting
  • Love in the Name of Christ: Helped with Transformational Ministry classes that teach life skills to people of need & move donated appliances & furniture
  • House of Hope: Installed security cameras, moved furniture, painted the porch, & built washer & dryer stand
  • Women’s Shelter: Power washed outside, organized closets, & general cleaning
  • Heartland Vineyard Church: Cleaned parking lot drainage ditches, power washed front of building, helped with spring cleaning, built the donated clothing bin, sold knives to raise over $3000 for the Haiti Ministry, and other smaller projects. – By the way we still have projects to do here (hint…hint).
  • Helped Individuals in Need: Moved a family in an emergency situation from Clarksville to Waterloo, helped an infirm couple with home repairs to drywall, flooring, cabinets, etc., & drive senior citizens to doctors’ appointments.
  • Samaritan’s Purse: Responded to tornado disaster relief in Washington, IL, responded to the tornado disaster in Pilger, NE, and a group of nine hearty souls spent a week in Norman, OK helping Samaritan’s Purse rebuild homes destroyed in the tornado that took place in May of last year.

In each of these things…we get blessed more greatly than the people we serve.

I’m Bob Barnes and I’d like to invite you to serve the King by serving others with our Hands & Feet Ministry.

So…my invitation for everyone is to trust in God’s promise…have faith that He’ll bless you in a greater way than you bless others. Remember (quoting Pastor Dan again) … “You can’t out give God.”

So please…link arms with us and serve the King with our Hands and Feet Ministry. Contact Bob at 319-939-3698.