We asked Emma and Kate to share a little about what serving on the worship team means to them.

Everything that I have had a chance to help do with worship has been so awesome! I love being on worship team and I really enjoy all the people who are on it with me! It means a lot to me to help people worship God. I enjoy helping people learn new worship songs. When I am worshipping God, it feels like God is standing right next to me and I want everyone else to feel the same way. It has been a great honor to serve God this way and I have great time doing it!


My heart will always be with worship and it is a great privilege to serve on the worship teams here at Heartland Vineyard again! It has been such an amazing way not only for me to connect with my God through my own worship, but has been a great way for me to meet new people as well! I enjoy leading worship because I want people to see that it can be amazing! Opening up your heart to the Lord in Praise and Worship is the best part of my life and I hope that see Jesus shining through! My life has been a bit of a struggle lately but I always know that I can just put it at his feet in worship and still praise Him for all the blessing that are there in spite of the trials!

I am also was very blessed a little while ago to have my daughter be asked to serve on worship team in the Garage which makes me a proud mama for sure! It means that I truly making a difference by raising up my own little leader in my own home who has passion for worship leading too! We get to share our experiences and get to be excited about leading together!!!